So you are purchasing,
that is fantastic!  
7 easy steps... 
Step 2
Submit supporting income and downpayment
We will send you list after submitting your application. 
Documents can be dropped into our secure cloud server.
Step 3
Application and mortgage options review 
A Jack Rabbit agent will contact you to discuss your application, your short & long term goals to determine the type product best suited for your needs. We will also capture any additional information required to submit your application to the lender
Step 4
Lender review 
Your application has been sent to the best suited lender product and rate, for your needs.
Step 5
Lender commitment. 
 If approved, a lender will provide terms and conditions  
At this stage, a Jack Rabbit agent will review the offer with you in full, to understand the terms and conditions.
Step 6
Accept lender commitment offer

Great news!  If you are at this stage, You have decided to accept the lender's commitment offer.   

A Jack Rabbit agent will work with you to sign the required documents and fulfill any additional lender conditions. 

Step 7
Branch signing and Funding

 Typically 1-4 weeks prior to the closing date,

an arrangement will be made by the lender

to sign the final mortgage document.

Jack Rabbit agent will work with your 

lawyer to ensure funding.